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What we do

Magnetic Point is a trusted web development ally with over 20 years on the market.

We are committed to bringing your digital vision to life and ensuring that each project is well-crafted and built with care. 

Our leading web development technology is Drupal CMS, and we are an Acquia Partner.

Why Drupal?

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Drupal is one of the best CMS solutions on the market, designed for medium & large organisations that expect flexibility and reduction in the cost of developing their projects or products.

Drupal It offers enterprise-class security and is used by the greatest brands, including Tesla, Pfizer, Unicef, BBC, Harvard University, Timex, Verizon, Unicef, eBay, Bayer, RoyalMail, and the European Commission.


We work in both - Project-based and  IT Staff Augmentation cooperation models while offering a full spectrum of web development services with Drupal at its core.

Drupal Services

Explore an array of Drupal-centric solutions encompassing custom development, theme crafting, seamless integration, and robust support, ensuring a solid foundation for your digital endeavours.

  • Drupal Development
  • Drupal Multisites
  • Drupal Customisation
  • Drupal Upgrades & Migration
  • Drupal Consulting
  • Drupal Optimisation
  • Headless Drupal (Decoupled)
  • Drupal Themes
  • Drupal Integration
  • Drupal Custom Modules 
  • Drupal Commerce
  • Drupal Cloud Hosting
  • Drupal Maintenance & Support

Front-end Development

Transform your ideas into visually compelling digital experiences with our front-end development services, enhanced by modern frameworks that ensure a responsive and intuitive user interface.

  • HTML / CSS UI Development
  • Twig Development
  • JavaScript Development
  • Vue.js Development
  • React Development

Back-end Development

Fuel your web platform with reliable back-end solutions reinforced by seamless API integrations for a truly dynamic and scalable digital ecosystem that meets your operational needs.

  • Symfony Development
  • Laravel Development
  • PHP Development
  • API Development & Integrations

Custom Software Development 


QA Engineering


Cloud & Maintenance


IT Consulting


Web Design - UX & UI

Proud Member of the Drupal Association

Drupal Association Community Organization Member

Experts in Open-Source Solutions

Magnetic Point is a dedicated Organisation Member of the Drupal Association, emphasising its commitment to quality and innovation in web solutions. As part of this membership, Magnetic Point actively engages with Drupal's network, utilising cutting-edge resources and community insights to enhance its offerings. This partnership enables Magnetic Point to deliver exceptional digital experiences and fully utilise the potential of open-source technology.


A wide array of tailored digital solutions crafted to propel your business forward in the online landscape.

Websites on Drupal

Websites on Drupal Icon
Leveraging the Drupal CMS to create powerful, customisable, and scalable websites, tailored to the specific needs of businesses.

Web Portals

Web Portals Icon
Tailored solutions for sectors like education, healthcare, or corporate intranets that centralise information, tools, and resources for specific user groups.

Price Comparison Websites

Price Comparison Websites Icon
Specialised websites that allow users to compare the features, prices, and other attributes of products or services. Ideal for sectors like electronics, insurance or travel.

Product Configurators

Product Configurators Icon
Interactive tools that let users customise or configure products in real time. Useful for industries like automotive, real estate, or custom apparel, where personalisation is crucial.

Custom Web Application

Custom Web Applications Icon
Fully tailored software solutions crafted from the ground up based on a business's unique requirements, leveraging Symfony, Laravel, and other tech stacks.


eCommerce Icon
Complete solutions for online retail, encompassing store design, cart functionality, payment integration, and more. This could include Drupal Commerce solutions and others.


Marketplaces Icon
Platforms that connect buyers with sellers, be it for products, services, or digital goods. These platforms handle multiple vendors, secure transactions, and reviews.

Saas Platforms

Saas Platforms Icon
Developing software-as-a-service solutions that businesses can offer to their customers, from tools and applications to platforms, based on a subscription model or one-time purchase.

Our experience

Magnetic Point has a long track record of teaming up with market leaders across Europe to build digital experiences for their clients.

of experience in building corporate web solutions.


of specialisation in CMS platforms.


Regular, Senior and Team Lead members.


Web platforms built for countries all over Europe.


More than 90% of our team members are Regular, Senior or Lead experts: Software Engineers, DevOps, Front-end Developers & QA Engineers.

People who are experienced, responsible software engineers that can be trusted to deliver.

We only hire people with a great combination of hard and soft skills.

Acquia Certified Drupal Consultants

Our team at Magnetic Point includes Acquia Certified Consultants, guaranteeing expert guidance backed by recognised industry standards. With this certification, our developers bring verified skills and up-to-date knowledge to your Drupal projects.

Acquia Drupal Certification



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Top 10 Must-Have Drupal Modules in 2024 and What They Can Do

Drupal is a powerful content management system lauded for its flexibility, scalability, speed, and supportive open-source community. Due to that, many organisations, businesses, and government agencies worldwide use the system to develop and manage their websites and web applications.


Using 'Config Pages Module' in Drupal

When creating custom solutions for a client, you often encounter various situations related to their requirements. Sometimes, the client might want to implement a functionality that doesn't need to be managed, or it's so rare that it's not worth the time/money to create additional views where the client could modify the configuration.

Case studies

Discover how we delivered lasting impact and transformative digital experiences for our range of clients.


We all want to enjoy our time spent at work!

For this reason, we organise internal initiatives and are happy to support our team members after-work activities. See what kind of people we are and the values we share.

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