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Magnetic Point Named Clutch's "Top Drupal Developers in Poland 2023"

Magnetic Point has been recognised by Clutch, a prestigious B2B review platform, as the Top Drupal Developers in Poland for 2023. Magnetic Point has strengthened its reputation as a leading provider of Drupal-based web solutions.

Why Drupal shines brightest in the open-source CMS security arena

In the modern digital landscape, where cybersecurity is a top priority, the choice of content management system should be heavily influenced by its security features. 

12 questions about Drupal

Wondering what Drupal is, what to use it for and how to use it? Then you've come to the right place. To give you an idea of what this system is all about, here are 12 answers to the most popular Drupal questions. Let's get down to specifics :)

Hire developers from Poland

A new project is coming along, but you realise there are not enough people to join the team? In this article, you will find out why you should hire developers from Poland.

Why is it worth taking an interest in Drupal?

The number of available CMS platforms on the market is huge, which is why it isn't easy to decide on the one that will meet our expectations. This topic concerns not only the business sphere but also the programmers, who usually specialise in a particular programming language.

DrupalCon 2022 in Prague from a web developer’s perspective

On 20th September 2022 I had a chance to visit DrupalCon in Europe which took place in Prague, a wonderful capital of the Czech Republic. I went there with my 3 other colleagues that were looking for business-related sessions, as well as project management topics. I was strictly focused on technical presentations as I have 7 years of experience in PHP programming and over 2 years in Drupal. Mainly 8 and 9.

Generation X, Y & Z - different takes on the client experience

A communication strategy that takes into consideration the “gaps” between successive generations of clients is a must-have for every marketer. 

Race to the Bottom? Customer Experience is Your Chance to Stand Out

Customer Experience is the key to build competitive advantage, especially in Digital.

A 3-step process of designing Customer Journey Maps and launching new campaigns

The actual design of customer journey maps is usually the output of a number of internal workshops and interviews with clients that are later processed by external consulting companies so as to have a ”fresh” view of the sales process and how clients interact with brands.

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