Why companies MOVE from Content Managements System (CMS) to Digital Experience Platforms (DXP)

No matter if you are selling cosmetics, lawn mowers or large ERP systems it is certain that at least 60% of your potential clients will do their research online to gather information needed to make a perfect purchasing decision.

Websites are all about conversions, metrics and KPIs these days

It is no longer about bringing as many people to the website as possible and keeping them as long as we can. It is about acquiring high quality traffic that we can engage with and turn into clients in a long-term perspective. This way we can avoid overspending on our marketing budget.

5 ways to benefit from Marketing Automation

One of the big goals of digital marketing strategies is to transform our communication from a “one-to-all” model to “1-on-1” communication. There are 5 main mechanisms to achieve this through the use of Marketing Automation (MA).