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Digital Experience Platform from Acquia for busy marketing departments

Digital Experience Platform from Acquia for busy marketing departments

In 2020, Gartner named Acquia a leader in the MagicQuadrant for Digital Experience Platforms. They joined a club of brands like Adobe, Sitecore and Oracle, which had already been leaders for many years there.

And it all started in 2000, when Dries Buytaert, a student from University of Antwerp (The Netherlands), started a small forum site to communicate on a daily basis with his colleagues. A year later, Dries decided to move his pet project forward and called it Drupal while publishing online it as an open source software.

In 2007, Dries met Jay Batson and found a startup called Acquia with $7 million funding. The goal was to build an enterprise-class ecosystem of solutions and support where Drupal is at its core. This allowed large organisations to benefit from an Open Source CMS.

Acquia grew successfully over years and raised $173.5 million funds up to 2019 and was acquired by Vista Equity Partners for a $1 billion to grow it furthermore. You can read the full story of the Acquia brand in our post: The story of Acquia - from a pet project to a $200 million company

Acquia - DXP solution for mid-size and large organisation

Acquia is a Digital Experience Platform - an integrated set of technologies allowing you to coordinate and manage all communications that your users experience online. DXPs are typically tailored for mid-size and large organisations. Where in the past, you had a CMS (Content Management System) aside from your website, today you have social media channels, email marketing, photos and videos to share between different websites, along with purchasing mechanisms online.

Acquia is divided into 2 areas technical (Drupal Cloud) and marketing (Marketing Cloud). With such a complex offer, you have all the tools you need in one standard, which is crucial for data integration and standard simplicity.

Acquia Drupal Cloud and Marketing Cloud

Acquia Drupal Cloud and Marketing Cloud products

Acquia Drupal Cloud

The architecture and solutions taylor-made for Drupal; and with the same person behind both Drupal and Acquia software roadmaps stay consistent.

Drupal CMS - web content management framework that provides a back-end framework for at least 2.3% of all websites worldwide – ranging from personal blogs to corporate, political, and government sites

Acquia Lighting - a robust set of tools to your editorial team and site builders right out of the box so they can build Drupal 8 sites better and faster.

Acquia Cohesion - an easy-to-learn Site Builder tool for creating websites in a front-end editor with no development skills required.

Acquia Cloud - a secure, fast and scalable cloud hosting tailor-made for Drupal to maximise its speed and scalability.

Acquia Cloud Site Factory - build, configure and manage many sites from one place.

Acquia Marketing Cloud

The complete set of digital marketing tools - from a personalisation platform, through a marketing automation solution and up to machine learning solution for marketing data analysis.

A primary goal of your digital marketing is 1-on-1 communication personalisation. Your potential client meeting you online should be treated as a customer in your shop - 1-on-1 with your employee, helping in a buying decision. This is the level of personalisation we aim at with the Marketing Cloud.

Acquia integrated one of the best marketing solutions under one hood:

Mautic (Marketing Automation)
 - A solution to manage campaigns and measure user engagement - easily automate personalised communications across all your digital properties and channels (and Maestro for large organisations to aggregate and manage many Mautic instances).

Acquia Lift (Personalisation) - 
Great way to quickly personalise each pixel of your website with pre-built content components that can be replaced based on your personalisation campaign criteria (no-code approach).

AgileONE (Customer Data Platform) - 
Harness the power of your customer data with AI to understand, acquire, and engage with customers — bringing your Mautic and Lift campaigns to the next level with the use of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

DAM (Digital Asset Management) - 
Your images, logos, videos, pdfs and more, all in one place and easy to update. Acquia DAM is a cloud-based digital asset management tool and central library for all of your Drupal sites.

The story of Acquia - from a pet project to a $200 million company

When doing a market research a year ago I stumbled upon a Digital Experience Platform I hadn’t heard before. It was called Acquia. There were two landmarks in Acquia's history that had a deciding impact on what Acquia is today with $200 million revenue in 2018.

Why companies MOVE from Content Managements System (CMS) to Digital Experience Platforms (DXP)

No matter if you are selling cosmetics, lawn mowers or large ERP systems it is certain that at least 60% of your potential clients will do their research online to gather information needed to make a perfect purchasing decision.

Websites are all about conversions, metrics and KPIs these days

It is no longer about bringing as many people to the website as possible and keeping them as long as we can. It is about acquiring high quality traffic that we can engage with and turn into clients in a long-term perspective. This way we can avoid overspending on our marketing budget.

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