Our hobbies

Magnetic Point is a team of individuals who are very active in their free time and Magnetic Point, as a company, is delighted to share in their passions. Read their stories and enjoy photos they share.


I'm like a bird

From a young age, Paweł always loved heights. That’s why he always climbed all trees or visited mountains whenever possible.


Paweł enjoys contact with nature and is not afraid of the cold and extreme conditions! :)


Read, Play and… take photos!

To describe what Angela likes we need at least three words: books, games and … photography.


Dance Fever

When you look at Robert, who is as tall as a basketball player, the last thing you expect from him are …. impressive dance moves.


Amiga - where it all started

From an early age Paweł has been a big fan of computers and technology. He grew up in the 1980s and 1990s, when the first 8-bit and 16-bit computers entered the market in Poland.


Let’s rock!

Despite his engineering background, music has always been an important part of his life. Especially when played live.


We all want to enjoy our time spent at work. For this reason, we organise internal initiatives as well as being happy to support after-work activities of our team members.


Javips is a top-class event for Java engineers where the best developers and tech leads share their knowledge and expertise with others.

An invite-only meeting with over 100 participants at each event integrates a community of Java developers that is eager to excel in coding. Magnetic Point is proud to co-organise this initiative with our fellow IT company - Consileon Poland.

Basketball team

Sport is something that members of our team love and embrace. It helps us to relax and break away from our everyday challenges at work.

That is why, for over 10 years, Magnetic Point has been supporting a basketball team playing in the local amateur league.

The team, called simply “magneticpoint.com”, is represented by employees from various companies, including specialists from the IT industry. So far, the magneticpoint.com team has won three championships and played several times in the grand finals.

Everyone can code

We believe that we can shape our future by teaching children how to use technology.

We support younger generations by contributing to programming contests for children in Poland called “Everyone can code”. By participating in this competition ambitious kids have an opportunity to express their coding talents using Scratch - a visual programming language where you create online projects by using block-like interfaces instead of text.


Going beyond our own interest and helping others is an occasion to team-up and do something good for other people. It is easier when you do it together with your colleagues.


Shoebox Project is a charity initiative focused on helping women in need on International Women’s Day

Inspired by our Partner Wunderman Thompson Technology, we collect empty shoe boxes, fill them with toiletries and cosmetics and send them as a gift to local Women’s Shelters.

Our team members are engaged at every stage - raising money, bringing unused products from home, shopping, sorting, packing, wrapping and finally… delivering gifts. We are more than happy that we can contribute to this project every year.


We are big fans of technology, and what’s more, we are geeks, passionate about comics, movies, games...