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Guarantee your Drupal applications operate at peak performance with our dedicated support and maintenance services. At Magnetic Point, we recognize the importance of seamless operation for your business success. Our team provides proactive maintenance, timely upgrades, and expert troubleshooting to keep your site secure and efficient.

Our Drupal Support and Maintenance Services

Drupal Emergency Support

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When unexpected issues arise, our Emergency Drupal Support is here to assist you 24/7. We swiftly address critical errors, minimizing downtime and restoring full functionality to your Drupal applications. Our rapid response team prioritizes urgent needs, ensuring that your website remains operational and secure at all times, protecting your business from potential disruptions and loss of revenue.

Drupal Migration and Upgrades

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Whether you're looking to upgrade to the latest version of Drupal or migrate from another platform, our Drupal Migration and Upgrades service ensures a smooth transition. We handle all aspects of the upgrade or migration process, including data transfer, module updates, and theme porting, minimizing disruption to your live environment. Our strategic approach ensures that your new Drupal installation delivers enhanced performance and new features without sacrificing the integrity of your existing content.

Drupal Continuous Development

Drupal Development

Our Continuous Drupal Development service supports your website's ongoing growth and evolution. From adding new features and integrations to refining user interfaces, we ensure your Drupal site evolves in alignment with your business strategy. This service allows for the seamless introduction of enhancements that drive engagement and functionality, keeping your platform modern and competitive.

Drupal Performance Optimisation

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Enhance the speed and efficiency of your Drupal site with our Performance Optimisation service. We delve into the technical depths of your website to pinpoint and rectify bottlenecks, reducing load times and improving user experience. This service boosts visitor satisfaction and engagement and enhances your site's SEO performance, leading to better visibility and higher conversion rates.

Drupal Security Updates and Patch Management

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Keep your Drupal site safe from vulnerabilities with our Security Updates and Patch Management service. We provide timely installation of critical security patches and updates, safeguarding your site against the latest threats. Our proactive approach helps prevent potential security breaches, ensuring data integrity and maintaining customers' trust.

Drupal Audits

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At Magnetic Point, we specialize in comprehensive evaluations designed to enhance both performance and security. Our team of certified professionals conducts thorough audits to identify drawbacks, security vulnerabilities, and opportunities for enhancement. Whether you're looking to refine your site, scale operations, or ensure compliance with the latest Drupal standards, our audits provide the insights you need to make informed improvements.

Price Comparison Websites

After a comprehensive technical audit covering performance, SEO, and framework versions, we implemented critical upgrades and migrated to new servers for enhanced site performance. This project also involved developing new features, optimising code, refining UX, and modifying API integrations.

At Magnetic Point, we don’t just fix problems, we prevent them. With our advanced monitoring tools and expert team, we ensure your Drupal applications are not just running, but are also aligned with your strategic business goals.

Acquia Certified Drupal Consultants

Our team at Magnetic Point includes Acquia Certified Consultants, guaranteeing expert guidance backed by recognised industry standards. With this certification, our developers bring verified skills and up-to-date knowledge to your Drupal projects.

Acquia Drupal Certification

Why choose Magnetic Point for Drupal Support?

Choose Magnetic Point for your Drupal support needs because we blend expertise, responsiveness, and a tailored approach to ensure your digital platforms excel. Our team of certified Drupal professionals is equipped with the latest tools and strategies to deliver solutions that are not just effective but also innovative. With Magnetic Point, you benefit from 24/7 support, ensuring your site is always secure, up-to-date, and performing at its best.

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