Aerial Hoop - jump in!

Aerial Hoop - jump in!

It makes her very happy and gives her a sense of fulfilment. It has given her a boost in self-esteem, confidence and strength in her muscles.

Although it looks like a light physical activity, it requires technique and good fitness. The beginnings were not easy - she returned from training all battered and bruised more than once.

Even though sports had been around since she was a child, doing even a few push-ups in her first classes was a mega-effort, and after months of regular training on the hoop, she saw a significant difference in her stamina and strength.
Nowadays, at training, she performs complex figures, choreographed with flips, interceptions and drops, which gives her more and more satisfaction with the exercises :)

When she's not training and the weather's good, she switches from the hoop to rollerblades - it's like therapy for her, calming her down and allowing her to collect herself and calm her thoughts (overthinker :P).

And when she needs more excitement, she travels the world on a budget.