A photo of a man playing drums

Let’s rock!

Let’s rock!

He loves to play drums - in his early childhood he used to beat the rhythm out on anything that came to hand: cans, cardboard boxes, pots and pans, … you name it.

He has an electronic set now that allows him to enjoy playing freely without disturbing the family or the neighbours. All he has to do is put on a set of headphones, pick up the drumsticks and start having fun. Pop, rock, hip-hop - drums have the advantage of playing the same rhythm in many ways, using different combinations.

It is a great workout for the brain and that is confirmed by scientific studies. Playing drums synchronises the left and right hemispheres and when two hemispheres work together, the brain becomes even more efficient. Playing drums makes him happy because it releases endorphins and reduces stress.

For now he is enjoying playing only as a hobby. Maybe the time will come to start a band and perform in front of a wider audience one day :)