What we do

Magnetic Point Drupal Development Team

We offer nearshore outsourcing of Drupal developers, project managers, QA engineers and digital marketing managers.

It is a long-term cooperation where we:

  • Offer full-time positions for at least 1 year,
  • Run promotion campaigns targeting candidates,
  • Manage Recruitment processes & candidate experience,
  • Provide onboarding for employees,
  • Take the best care of the employees with an Empathy-Driven Organisation philosophy.

Working with the best

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Our partners include Wunderman Thompson Technology

For over 10 years, Magnetic Point has been working with Wunderman Thompson Technology (formerly Cognifide) to create consistent and personalised digital experiences for great brands. Wunderman Thompson Technology's client portfolio includes Ford, Lincoln, Virgin Media, Adobe, Investec, Penguin Random House and Robert Walters.

Outsourcing models

Remote Team

Model dedicated to long-term cooperations with full-time team involvement. We offer experienced web development teams who become part of your company:

  • Project Managers,
  • Frontend Developers,
  • Backend Developers,
  • QA Engineers,
  • Software Architects,
  • Business Analysts.


Team Extension

Sometimes, you don’t need the whole team but require individual competence to support your organisation for a certain amount of time. Our people join your team, and we work together.

Get access to 
254,000 developers in Poland!

It is the largest market of developers & software engineers in 
Central & Eastern Europe.


Which skills are you interested in?
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English skills & Seniority levels

100% of our specialists have experience working in international teams for great brands. Most speak English on the intermediate & advanced levels (from B1 to C2).

Choose the level of seniority you are interested in. 90% of our team members are in Regular, Senior and Tech lead positions. 




Tech lead

Illustration of Nearshore Outsourcing Advantages

Nearshore Outsourcing Advantages

  • Cultural alignment. 
  • Close location means more face-to-face meetings.
  • Time overlap makes day-to-day operations smooth & easy.
  • Higher productivity due to better real-time communication.
  • Lower total cost compared to offshore outsourcing.


Polish developers are in 3rd place in the world’s best programmers rank according to the“Hacker Rank” report.

5 reasons to work with us

Excellent recruitment and candidate experience team

We have knowledge and expertise in recruiting candidates from Poland - database of candidates, sourcing skills, long-term relations with candidates and managing screenings and interviews.

20 years on the market - long-term cooperation

For over 20 years, we have been building web solutions, and for 10 years, we have been working with leading agencies as an external contractor. We offer long-term cooperation that guarantees the stable growth of your projects. 

Running recruitment campaigns

Proven methods of reaching the best talents through job boards, portals, social media (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram), “Recommend a developer” programs and community events. 

Taking the best care of the employees with an Empathy-Driven Organisation philosophy

Even though people work mainly in remote teams directly with our partners, they FEEL like a part of a local company through integration events, excellent care from the HR department, regular online meetings of various specialities, monitoring their efficiency and comfort of work, development programs, consultations etc.

Great location - a stone’s throw away

We are located in Szczecin (Poland) - just 130 km from Berlin & only a short flight away from you. We can meet you for lunch and easily be back home for supper.

4 steps to start your development

Tell us what specialists you are looking for

Just a few developers (Team extension) or a Remote team (Managed team)?

We find the best match for you

We go through our network of contractors and send you the proposal, including skillsets, availability, timeframes, rates and terms of cooperation. 

You review our proposal

Let’s discuss terms and see how our offer matches your development requirements. 

We delegate the people we agreed on

We take care of onboarding new team members, communication, benefits, employment and daily work.

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Michał Klemczak

Michał Klemczak


Tell me about your digital challenges and I will propose solutions, schedules and cost estimates.

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