Websites on Drupal

Leveraging the Drupal CMS to create powerful, customisable, and scalable websites, tailored to the specific needs of businesses.

  • Corporate Websites: Crafting professional Drupal-based websites that reflect the communication and values of corporate entities.
  • Multisites: Utilising Drupal to manage and streamline multiple websites under one roof, simplifying content governance and administration.
  • Business Websites: Building dynamic Drupal-powered websites tailored to drive business growth, enhance digital presence, and cater to specific industry needs.
  • Product Websites: Designing focused and engaging websites centred around showcasing and detailing specific products, optimising for user interest and conversions.
  • Landing Pages: Creating impactful and conversion-optimized Drupal landing pages designed to capture attention and drive specific user actions.
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Websites on Drupal

LSJ HR Group

We revitalised LSJ HR Group's online presence by seamlessly integrating a new corporate identity into a dynamic Drupal-powered website, including the consolidation of four previously existing sites representing different business units into one cohesive digital platform.
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Web Portals

Tailored solutions for sectors like education, healthcare, or corporate intranets that centralise information, tools, and resources for specific user groups.

  • Intranet Portals: For internal company use, providing employees with access to tools, documents, and communications.
  • Government Portals: Offering citizens access to various public services, information, and resources.
  • Educational Portals: Used by schools, colleges, and universities to provide students and staff access to resources, schedules, and online learning tools.
  • NGO Portals: Specially designed for non-profit organisations, these portals facilitate donor interactions, volunteer management, event schedules, and provide access to mission-critical resources.
  • B2B Client/Partner Portal: Tailored for business-to-business interactions, these portals streamline communications and provide a centralised hub for partnership resources and documentation.


Maritime University of Szczecin

We designed a coherent user experience to combine content from all 60 universities' websites and implement them on one CMS engine equipped with a Multisite module for the universities' core audiences: prospective students, students, and staff.

Price Comparison Websites

Specialised websites that allow users to compare the features, prices, and other attributes of products or services. Ideal for sectors like electronics, insurance, travel, etc.

Key Functionalities

  • Product Listing and Categorisation
  • Real-time Price Comparison
  • Filtering & Sorting Options
  • User Reviews & Ratings
  • Alerts & Notifications
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Price Comparison Websites

After a comprehensive technical audit covering performance, SEO, and framework versions, we implemented critical upgrades and migrated to new servers for enhanced site performance. This project also involved developing new features, optimising code, refining UX, and modifying API integrations.
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Product Configurators

Interactive tools that let users customise or configure products in real time. Useful for industries like automotive, real estate, or custom apparel, where personalisation is crucial.

Key Functionalities:

  • Real-Time Customisation
  • Interactive Visualisation
  • Price Calculation
  • Compatibility Checking
  • Save & Share Functionality

Product Configurators

The key deliverable was to consult and build an easy-to-use web tool for configuring windows online called ( The idea was to allow clients to configure their products based on hundreds of parameters and complex combinations to estimate the final price.

Custom Web Applications

Fully tailored software solutions crafted from the ground up based on a business's unique requirements, leveraging Symfony, Laravel, and other tech stacks.

Development Approaches

  • Custom Applications using Web Browser Interfaces
  • Separate but seamlessly integrated Front-end and Back-end
  • Microservice Architecture
  • Multiple Output Platforms - Mobile, Big Screens, Kiosks, Custom Interfaces
  • Scalable and Secure Infrastructure
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Custom Web Applications

Xtendo Match&More

Xtendo Match&More was a virtual on-screen mixer designed to enhance stadium experiences. The platform empowered sports event organisers with the tools to deliver captivating content and engage fans. The system debuted in front of nearly 57,000 spectators at the PGE Narodowy stadium, showcasing its diverse capabilities in statistics, pitch situations, and fan-engaging messages.
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E-commerce Platforms

Complete solutions for online retail, encompassing store design, cart functionality, payment integration, and more. This could include Drupal Commerce solutions and others.

Key Functionalities

  • Product Catalog Management
  • Shopping Cart & Checkout System
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Customer Account & Order Management
  • Responsive Design & Mobile Optimization


Platforms that connect buyers with sellers, be it for products, services, or digital goods. These platforms handle multiple vendors, secure transactions, and reviews.

Key Functionalities

  • Multi-Vendor Management
  • Product/Service Listing & Cataloging
  • Transaction Management
  • Reviews & Ratings System
  • Commission Tracking & Payment Distribution
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Price Comparison Websites


It was Poland's largest price comparison platform for FMCG. We were responsible for building from scratch, maintaining and developing the project for over 7 years. The core feature was a comprehensive database of over 400,000 products and prices from nearly 300 online shops and over 50 retail chains.
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SaaS Products

Developing software-as-a-service solutions that businesses can offer to their customers, from tools and applications to platforms, based on a subscription model or one-time purchase.

Key Functionalities

  • Subscription Management
  • User Authentication & Authorisation
  • Customizability & Scalability
  • Automated Billing & Invoicing
  • Performance Monitoring & Analytics

SaaS Platforms

Alleceny Analytics

Alleceny Analytics was an easy-to-use SaaS Platform with dashboards and reporting of retail chains' products, brands and pricing. It supported the activities of sales, marketing and analytical teams in maximising profits. We were responsible for building from scratch, developing and maintaining the system with over 400,000 products and 350 business entities.


There is large assortment of technologies and programming languages we use in our projects. We tailor them to project requirements and clients’ infrastructure.
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