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Marketing teams in a large organisation often struggle with digital solutions that are just not good enough. Especially when it comes to CMS platform to manage global websites to cover multiple countries & regions.

The challenges include:

  • Too many Content Management Systems (CMS) and various disconnected tools to manage websites, portals & landing pages.
  • Legacy CMS systems with expensive licensing, complex implementations, and overall difficult to use.
  • Separate contractors for each country & project with different quality, pricing and development standards.
  • Unaligned security updates and country-by-country changes to GDPR privacy policies for all websites to meet corporate and industry standards.

The solution to the digital challenges of marketing departments is one centrally-controlled system via a single access point. Meet the Multisite Platform! There are a number of comparable solutions on the market, but in this white paper we will focus on Acquia & Drupal’s approach to see if it is a good fit for your organisation.

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