Generation X, Y & Z - different takes on the client experience

Generation X, Y & Z - different takes on the client experience

A communication strategy that takes into consideration the “gaps” between successive generations of clients is a must-have for every marketer. 

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Clients of different ages and age groups can vary so much from little things to big - how they make buying decisions, where they look for information, the values they hold and expect in vendors, the different nuances in communication...

Just to give you an example: a phone call for a member of Generation Y (Millennials) is as much a relic of the past as traditional mail is to Gen X. Gen Y doesn’t like to talk — they prefer writing as more efficient, allowing them to ”stay in the shadows”. This is one of the subtle reasons why website ”chatbots” have become so popular, especially in e-commerce (”no need to dial or listen to music-on-hold - write what you need with no big niceties or confusion, handle other tasks while waiting for an answer”).

To build distinct messaging and target content to overlap 1 or 2 generations at the same time, we first need to understand some differences between Gen X, Y and Z.


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