Hire developers from Poland

Hire developers from Poland

A new project is coming along, but you realise there are not enough people to join the team? In this article, you will find out why you should hire developers from Poland.

According to HackerRank, Polish developers are in 3rd place in the world's best programmers rank, just after China and Russia. They speak English well and have a strong work ethic. There is also a high value for money index as well as GDRP compliance in place. According to the survey by Infoshare, Poland is the largest market for talented programmers in Central and Eastern Europe. With over 1 million developers, nearly a quarter of it — 254K work in Poland (2017).

Polish schools teach English as a required subject, so our programmers typically have excellent English skills. In addition, many software companies offer English classes to their employees (it's also one of the benefits at Magnetic Point). You can be sure about communication skills because Poland is ranked 13th in the world for English proficiency in the EF English Proficiency Index 2018 (we are overtaking nations like Switzerland or South Korea). At Magnetic Point, most of the team speak at the B2/C1 level.

In Poland, there are almost 300 000 (according to Statista and their ranking called "Professional developers in Europe" by Statista (2019)) software developers employed. Because you are reading this, we assume that you could be looking to find a reliable development partner. So, to wrap things off, let's concentrate a little on this business decision topic.

Payroll savings are typically one of the key considerations when looking for a partner outside of your organisation. There are, of course, cheaper places to get talent than in Poland, but the level of Polish programmers has a well-established reputation.

The average developer compensation in Poland is greater than the average for Central and Eastern Europe; however, price should not be the main factor in choosing a reliable technology partner.

You are receiving high-quality services in Poland for a comparably lower price than what is typical in Western Europe and North America. You are looking at an even higher overall cost to hire in-house if you take into account the time and resources for recruitment and in-house training.

Over 13 000 new specialists graduate from Polish tech universities each year. According to The New York Times, 39% of people aged between 25 and 34 have a university degree or equivalent in Poland.

Additionally, more than 72 000 international students choose Poland as their study abroad destination each year. As you can see, the best colleges in Poland draw bright students worldwide. It's due to their stellar reputation and affordable cost of living in our nation.

Furthermore, Warsaw University of Technology is listed in the QS University Rankings, where it holds the 18th spot among colleges in Emerging Europe and Central Asia. It is one of the leading providers of technical education in the area and counts among the top technological institutes in Europe.

To put it briefly, firms and startups choose to outsource their development to Poland in part because of the skills pool here.

  • Cultural alignment with shared European norms
  • Close location means more face-to-face meetings
  • Time overlap makes day-to-day operations smooth & easy
  • Higher productivity due to better real-time communication
  • Lower total cost compared to offshore outsourcing

I hope this article will encourage you to consider hiring developers from Poland. If you are interested in hiring talents in a team extension or a remote teams model, please get in touch.