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Learn new trends to boost ROI of your digital campaigns and improve customer experience. In the e-book you will learn:

  • Which sectors were affected the most by a global health crisis (COVID-19)
  • What are the differences between generations X, Y & Z
  • How "instant gratification economy" impacts the way you should build marketing communication
  • Why "Customer Journey Maps" are a must have for your organisation
  • How to improve your ROI with Digital Experience Platforms


"In 2014, five guys set themselves a goal to completely disrupt the way we buy mattresses. Trying to do that in the world of mattresses sounded like a crazy idea. Yet 4 years later, their company was valued at $750 million and had served over 1 million customers in 8 countries."

The best way to talk about trends is to show them on an example. Learn how Casper company revolutionised the way we sleep using the best marketing practices.

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