Bushcrafting Hobby



Meet Paweł, who works as a Project Manager and in his spare time recharges his batteries by camping/bushcrafting.

Here are a few words from him:
"Like many before me, when randomly asked about the ideal holiday destination in Poland I laconically answered that the sea, mountains or The Masurian Lake District. Tired of the unarguable nature of my answer, I decided that maybe we could spice things up a bit and moved from staying in a hotel or hostel to spending the night in a tent or under a tarp - the further away from civilisation, the better.

The hobby itself is evolving - as a recent member of the Crown of the Polish Mountains Club, I aspire to summit all the mountain ranges in our country. My latest conquests are Skalnik, Śnieżnik and Wysoka Kopa, and I plan to climb at least three more by the end of the year.
I've made friends with my rucksack, my hammock has made a name for itself and the range of sleeping bags I think I need increases from season to season.

Scrambled eggs for breakfast, freeze-dried food for lunch, and a guarantee that the simplest mug of hot tea will taste a hell of a lot better at -15 degrees than in any domestic setting."