Magnetic Point Case Study - part 1 of 2

Magnetic Point Case Study - part 1 of 2

Magnetic Point is a web development company specialising in delivering enterprise-class solutions for ambitious brands. For over 17 years we have offered all kinds of web & digital services - from building web portals and developing custom software to creating mobile apps.

A photo of the Magnetic Point team

Magnetic Point has a long track record of teaming up with market leaders across Europe to build web development solutions covering a broad variety of channels. For example, over the last 8 years, Magnetic Point has been working with Wunderman Thompson Technology (formerly Cognifide) to create consistent and personalised digital experiences for great brands.

An image of Magnetic Point case studies

Wunderman Thompson Technology's client portfolio includes highlights like Ford, Lincoln, Virgin Media, Adobe, Investec, Penguin Random House and Robert Walters.

In 2019 Magnetic Point’s executive management took a strategic step, setting new goals for coming years:

Goal 1

Goal 2

Boost expansion into international markets.

Improve the company's recognition in Europe.

An image of the map of Europe

Magnetic Point location

To achieve these goals, they mapped out plans to:

  1. Change the scope of the business offer
  2. Create a new marketing strategy
  3. Come up with a new corporate identity
  4. Communicate the offer in new ways
  5. Channel new activity - launching new content across social media and marketing platforms,  such as YouTube videos, corporate blogs, webinars, as well as Linkedin and Facebook company pages

Common problems to resolve:

  • The business offer is too wide and the company doesn’t have a clear specialisation.
  • The company's Corporate Identity and online presence are outdated and don't reflect a refreshed forward-looking business vision and expansion strategy.
  • The current CMS system has numerous limitations in developing new sites and creating marketing campaigns rapidly.

While aiming for the primary target (expansion into new markets), the Magnetic Point team defined several milestones.

  1. Develop and implement a new marketing and sales strategy.
  2. Design a modern and vibrant corporate visual identity to express a new business vision.
  3. Digitize the experience, implementing an engaging and intuitive digital interaction and outcomes via:
  • The implementation of a flexible CMS platform, supporting content creation and flawless code updates.
  • Support of the recruitment process driven by website functionalities, including integration with a marketing automation system.
  • Marketing automation to better target corporate-wide and agent-specific audiences as well as potential clients across the entire Sales Process chain.

We kicked in our new initiative by running workshops that fed into the preparation of a new business strategy. During these workshops various discussions, research, and brainstorming sessions took place, leading the team to the following observations and conclusions:

SWOT analysis.
Here we identified the strengths and weaknesses of the company, as well as opportunities and threats on the market, with a particular focus on market outreach.

Competitive Research.
This activity focused on a detailed examination of the market saturation, level of competitors’ expertise, as well as new players and market directions.

Problems & Solutions.
The Magnetic Point team defined the issues and challenges of potential clients related to their marketing platforms and digital marketing activities.
They also examined how Magnetic Point could address these challenges, both as standard optimizations and company-specific improvements.

Target groups.
The company tried to determine the type of potential clients, their structure, business model, size, and industry in terms of the company's sales opportunities.

CMS solutions.
Here we researched specific best-of-breed technical solutions to streamline future projects.
We decided to double down on Acquia’s DXP platform (which runs atop an industry standard Drupal CMS) as an easily configurable enterprise-ready solution.

Marketing slogan.
The team wanted a concise phrase to summarize our company's approach in a simple and understandable way - a solid process that left demanding clients and their customers fulfilled:
"Building digital experience for great brands"

Marketing activities.
The team developed a set of marketing and sales activities precisely tailored to carry out the new strategy.


Changing the scope of the business offer 

Magnetic Point has offered all kinds of web & digital services - from building web portals, developing custom software and building mobile apps. 

Our first step was to narrow down the offer and focus down on a company specialisation, meaning the business area of our greatest expertise, our most significant “value-add”. 

We decided to concentrate on Digital Experience Platforms - an integrated set of technologies that lets you holistically coordinate and manage all communications your users experience online. Put simply: CMS with a full range of tools to manage personalisation, build multiple sites on one system, run marketing campaigns, and handle client’s profiles.

To reduce complexity and better fulfill expectations each and every time, we chose to rely 100% on Acquia & Drupal and Adobe Marketing Cloud, named as Leaders by Gartner in the 2020 MagicQuadrant for Digital Experience Platforms.

To emphasize the changes within our organisation, Magnetic Point decided to introduce a fresh and vivid design aimed not only as a visual makeover, but also to highlight our pivot to a new business direction.

An image of the redesigned Magnetic Point logo

The redesign of Magnetic Point’s logo

Tabela is an elegant font that stands out from the crowd of popular Google Fonts and adds special character to the company’s corporate identity. It is used not just for the logo, but also selected headlines on marketing materials, including the website, to provide continuity and a unified image. As a nice touch, Tabela font was created by a local designer, Łukasz Szpatowicz, who lives in Szczecin, Poland where Magnetic Point is based.

Link to Tabela:

An image of the new Magnetic Point logo

Tabela font in different versions of the logo

An image of 4 blocks from the Magnetic Point website

Tabela font on graphics on the website

An image of the What we do section

“What we do” headline accompanied by the Muli font

Apart from the new logo, fonts and colour palette, the company decided to design characteristic elements that will set the brand apart from other digital experience agencies. As different kinds of shapes became popular in 2020 that became a choice. Circles relate to the brand’s name “Magnetic Point” and symbolise attraction: companies’ journeys and the trajectory to reach the point of your perfect digital experience.

An image of the new Magnetic Point colour pallete

Magnetic Point colour palette

An image of the new Magnetic Point design components

Selected range of shapes used across the website

An image of the new Magnetic Point visual identity

Shapes are used mainly in the background of company presentations, website, marketing materials