What is Digital Experience Platform?

What is Digital Experience Platform?

A Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is an integrated set of technologies allowing you to coordinate and manage all communications that your users experience online.

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DXPs are typically tailored for mid-size and large organisations. Where in the past you had a CMS (Content Management System) alongside your website, today you have social media channels, email marketing, photos and videos to share between different websites, along with purchasing mechanisms online.

Additionally, the level of complexity in choosing which customer to show which content at which time, tracking it to see the response to this and related content, tying in with relevant insta-offers and promotions, along with his or her online friends makes the orchestration far beyond the abilities of yesteryear’s campaign manager. This is where a DXP comes into play — with all the tools integrated under one hood, it makes it possible to keep communication consistent (and results-focused!) across multiple channels and devices in a controlled yet automated fashion.

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One of the biggest challenges these days for marketing departments is to validate the ROI of their marketing activities. To prove the efficiency of budget spent on digital campaigns and platforms, they have to make sure that conversion rates are high enough. It’s not just bringing traffic to your portfolio of websites and social media activities but about client engagement and conversion, to turn visitors into both community and customers.

You need to have the right tools to measure and trace each sale to each dollar spent in the first place. Is it better to put everything on social media or push paid search with Google Ads? Or maybe more email marketing is the key to conversion followed by premium content, including white papers and ebooks? When do people respond better to promotions?

  • Managing content across channels, geographies and languages
  • Ensuring consistent user experience on all devices and platforms
  • Managing all the content from one location or dashboard
  • Personalising marketing messages for target groups Digital Experience Platforms 

Our platform of choice is Acquia - DXP built around Drupal CMS. Drupal is an enterprise-class software and one of the most popular content management solutions in the world. It is based on an Open Source licence with over a million of developers wordwide.

Gartner named Acquia a leader in their Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms 2021, alongside solutions like Adobe, Sitecore and Liferay.