Web development process

We work on end-to-end web development, as well as selected areas of the digital experience.

For every client we hand-pick the digital experience platform that best fits the client’s project requirements for budget, time scale and complexity.


1. Analysis

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The most important part of the project. Going through your requirements and preparing a list of main functionalities with project scope.

2. UX & Design

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Converting requirements into visual mockups and final designs that are ready to implement.

3. Development

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Crafting front-end & back- end layers to deliver digital experience mechanisms within project scope.

4. Integrations

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Connecting to internal and external systems to make web content management easy and quick for teams of editors.

5. Testing

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Going through detailed user stories and every bit of functionality to deliver the best experience for the end user.

6. Launch & Support

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Making sure the transition to your new web presence runs smoothly with on-going support from our team.

Working with partners

As we love working directly with clients, we also have a great track record of successful partnerships with digital agencies.

Big Brand



A photo of cranes in Szczecin

"Cranosaurs" are a symbol of our city. The three cranes are also a symbol of cooperation and synergy between the client, the partner and Magnetic Point when building a great digital experience.

Our partners maintain long-term relations with their clients and work with them on a daily basis in the area of account management, requirements analysis and design.  

We focus on the technical side of the business delivering tailor-made digital experience platforms.

We have proudly been working with Wunderman Thompson Technology (formerly Cognifide) for the last 9 years, which is an example of a great partnership.

A great location in the heart of Europe with the best Java developers in the world.

According to „Hacker Rank” report

Outsourcing model

Managed Team / Agile Product Team

Model dedicated to long-term co-operations with full-time team involvement. We offer experienced web development teams who become part of your company. Remote specialists implement defined programming tasks, but also advise and manage projects and teams.

Illustration of agile team

Team Extension

Sometimes you don’t need the whole team but require individual competence that can support your organisation for a certain amount of time.

UI / Front-end developer

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Java Software Engineer

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PHP Software Engineer

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QA Engineer

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DevOps Engineer icon
Illustration of Nearshore Outsourcing Advantages

Nearshore Outsourcing Advantages

  • Cultural alignment with shared European norms
  • Close location means more face-to-face meetings
  • Time overlap make day-to-day operations smooth & easy
  • Higher productivity due to better real-time communication
  • Lower total cost compared to offshore outsourcing

We are your technical partner for Adobe Experience Manager, Drupal & Acquia projects.

Long-term partnership + Nearshore Outsourcing + Magnetic Point culture

Magnetic Point

Standard Working Practice

5 Factors of Quality

  1. Quality-driven development process
    • QA lead engaged from the very beginning of the project,
    • Code revision done by 1-2 developers to verify high standards,
    • 80/20 rule for testing - we focus on maximising test automation (80% of test) with some of the testing done manually (20%),
    • Using great tools, methods and frameworks in the QA process: Cypress, Selenium, Bobcats, Protractor, AET, Postman, JUnit, Mockito, Sprint5, Rest API, Jenkins, Maven, Three Amigos, Backlog Grooming, QA Demos.
  2. Proactive Communication with clients and team members
    • Active attitude on teleconferences,
    • Agile communication on Slack, Teams and emails,
    • Efficient meetings planned in advance with clear agenda,
    • Cross-project knowledge exchange - proactive experience sharing between different teams.
  3. Ownership
    • Taking full responsibility for the assigned area of work,
    • Proactive attitude when facing project challenges,
    • Efficiency confirmed by regular 1-on-1 meetings and team reviews,
    • Keeping up with promised tasks and deadlines.
  4. Day-to-day work organisation
    • Continuous communication with team members, leaders and project managers,
    • Attending daily stand-up meetings and weekly catch-ups to inform about work progress,
    • Asking for help when stuck with a problem,
    • Constant improvement of the way software is developed.
  5. Work ethic
    • Positive attitude & respect when working with others,
    • Sharing knowledge on webinars and on Confluence to help others in skills development,
    • Great care when dealing with confidential information,
    • Controlling security measures at each step of the process.

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